Training as a singer

My early youth attempts on the drums and piano not counted, my career as a musician began with taking private singing lessons from 2009. Even while I was still undergoing training, I founded a band together with David Ropertz, which – back then – was called ‘State of Mind’ and in which I performed as a singer.

In 2017, we decided to turn this project, which previously had been more of a hobby to us, into our main profession, and have since played on various small and larger stages in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as across Germany as „Stunde Zehn“.

In addition to my band Stunde zehn, in 2019, I founded the cover duo Flower is Chocolate together with Lorena Dürnholz.

Among other things, I also took part as a singer in musical projects, playing, for instance, one of the leads in the musical ‘RENT” that was performed in my home town of Aachen in 2017.

Since 2019, I offer vocal training myself. Please check this website for more information.

Education as an audio engineer

As it is the case for many others in this field, I, too, am a self-taught audio engineer. In my efforts, I was supported first of all by David Ropertz (sound engineer, guitarist and graduate of the Düsseldorf Robert Schumann conservatory). In addition, I based my studies on the free materials of the Austrian education platform for sound technicians and music producers, Sonic-Vision.tv.

Since 2020, I have now been working as an audio engineer with my own recording studio in Aachen.

Focus areas of my work

In contrast to the growing influence of electronic music especially in the area of pop, the focus of my work rather lies in the area of acoustic and handmade music. My main fields of work include singer-songwriter, jazz, acoustic pop and acapella. It goes without saying, however, that my studio is nevertheless also equipped with high-quality sample libraries and an excellent to play midi keyboard, allowing for less acoustic sounds to be added at any time and without any problems – or even for experiments with a nice beat or two.

In addition to the work in my own studio, I am also pleased to offer accompanying singers to recording sessions in the studios of colleagues to support them on site as a vocal coach.

Klick here for a first impression of my work.

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